About Us

Hi, I’m Rachel Walsh, I have been working at Disability Direct since April 2017, I am currently acting as Project Manager of the Hate Crime Advocacy Project. I was initially employed as a Bid Writer and Fundraiser for Disability Direct but have been seconded onto this project for one year (June 2018- June 2019)

I will be answering any inquiry you may have regarding Hate Crime Together. ensuring that people are aware of hate crime important to me as is it enables local people to support one another; it brings communities together and develops society as a whole.

We at Disability Direct would like to eradicate Hate Crime from the city of Derby.  However, as a realistic organisation we know that even with our best efforts this can’t be realised.

We would like to see an increase in the number of hate crimes being reported we understand that by raising awareness of hate crime more hate crimes will be reported; this is a sign that we are reaching out to those who are at greater risk.

We also aim to increase the amount of people that know how to report hate crime and know how to access support if they become a victim. We hope that by accessing this project people will know more about hate crime.