Report It

It is important to tell someone, being a victim of this kind of crime can be a particularly frightening experience as you have been victimised because of who you are, or who or what your attacker thinks you are.

Hate incidents can feel like crimes to those who suffer them and often escalate to crimes or tension in a community.

You can report such incidents, but the police can only prosecute when the law is broken.

How do I report hate crime

In an emergency always call 999.

If you would like to speak to the police directly to report hate crime contact 101 or go to your local police station.

You can contact Disability Direct and speak to someone to find out more about the reporting options available you.

Alternatively you can report it online at

Useful Organisations

Crime Stoppers
0800 555 111

Stop hate
0800 138 1625

Disability Direct
01332 299449

Citizens Advice
01332 295 711

Victim Support
0808 168 9111

Safer Derbyshire
01629 533190

Citizens Advice & Law Centre’s Advocacy Project
01332 228700

A.C.T Against Hate
0800 043 1811